Over-stuffed Pantry!

I got home from Costco yesterday with a good haul and when I opened the pantry door I realized there was no room for what I bought. Well, that’s not entirely correct– there was room but things were so disorganized and shoved in there that I couldn’t put anything away. So it was time to pull it all out and put it back.

My pantry isn’t a separate room, (that would be awesome!) its several cupboards in my kitchen.


messy pantry

This is my “staples” pantry. Ahh! Disorganized mess. Canned things spread across all shelves, stuff put in sideways!

snack pantry mess

This is the snack pantry before. I keep snacks for the kids in here and quick fix meal items in here. Unfortunately there are things in here that don’t belong. Some are stale, expired, etc.


organized pantry

All sorted out! Canned goods are sorted by type and lined up neat and tidy! There is actual space left on the shelves!

What? Oh, were you expecting color coordinated baskets with tons of labels? Nope. That’s not what this blog is about. I’m all about “home and garden for REAL people”.

I took over the upper cabinet next to the oven for more space. I like to keep basic canned goods like beans and tomatoes on hand and I’m planning on doing more canning of my own this summer. I also moved things into smaller containers and sorted out things that were expired. Happily, there were only a few expired items. I hate throwing out food. Snack cupboard looks about the same (but is organized) so no photo.

And then there’s this: My baking cupboard

I still have this to tackle!

I still have this to tackle! Flour goes in that big container. Yes, I have two 10 lb bags of sugar open. That’s what happens when you get disorganized!

I have a 25 pound bag of flour that needs to be divided up into containers. I also have sprinkles, cookie cutters and other decorating items in yet another cupboard that need to be organized and moved over with the baking stuff.

One of the best things about periodically reorganizing the pantry is reminding myself of exactly what I have. I now have ideas for all of next weeks meals without needing to go to the store again!

Remember that they don’t have to look perfect, with matching containers and color coding. Just get it organized so you know what’s in there! So, have I inspired you to tackle your pantry or cupboards? Let me know in the comments – I love to hear from you!


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