Emeril Pie & Cake Maker Review

Audrey has been wanting an Easy Bake Oven since she saw it on TV. My mom went one better and got her the Emeril Pie & Cake Maker for her birthday. She’s only four years old and has to be supervised, so this has been a fun toy for the two of us to play with together!

So far we’ve made blueberry and cherry pies. I make my own crust and used canned pie filling. Audrey helps with measuring out the crust ingredients. She also likes to use the cutter for the crusts.

The pies cook in just 15 minutes which is great! We had Grandma and Grandpa over for dinner the other night. When the meal was finished everyone headed to the living room and I went to the kitchen and whipped up hot fresh individual pies in about 20 minutes!

The cooker is basically a like a waffle maker. It has two solid non-stick plates that heat up to cook the crust and heat the filling. You do need to use cooked filling – it can’t cook fresh apples to doneness in 15 minutes! It can be a little tricky to get the top crust done – there needs to be enough filling to make the top crust raise up a little so it touches the top plate. With a little practice this appliance can be a lot of fun. Our next cooking project will be pot pies or quiches – something savory.

Here’s a photo of some blueberry pies we made!

 mini pies Emeril pie & cake maker


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