DIY Foaming Dish and Hand Soaps

This is a pretty simple concept, but if you like using foaming soaps this can help you save some money! You can make your own foaming soap for dishes or hand washing using regular soap and water. Just dilute and use a foaming pump container.

I used to buy the Dawn Direct Foam soap, but it’s expensive, almost the same price as a regular bottle of dawn soap. I now make my own! I could probably make 15-20 bottles of the foaming soap out of the one big bottle of Dawn.

foaming dish soap

If you have a Dawn Direct Foam pump use that, otherwise you can use a foaming hand soap container. This is an empty SoftSoap pump with the label removed.

foaming dawn dish soap

Add a little regular dish soap to the container. I use about 3/4 inch in the hand soap container.

foaming dish soap

Add water slowly so you don’t cause too many bubbles. Replace the cap and shake to mix. If the mix is too thin or too thick you can play around with it until you get the soap consistency you like.

  • The same thing can be done very easily for hand soap. Just refill your foaming hand soap containers with 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch of clear liquid hand soap.
  • I use the cheap store brand clear hand soap and it works great. The creamy type of liquid soaps don’t dilute as well as the clear types, so keep that in mind if you want to try this.
  • The pumps on the hand soap containers do get worn out after a lot of use. With all the money I’ve saved, I don’t mind buying one new bottle of SoftSoap every six months. Especially when I can find cute seasonal designs on clearance at Target!

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