Spiral Sliced Hot Dogs – Curly Dogs!

Spiral sliced hot dogsMy husband gets the credit for this one! He asked me to try to make spiral-sliced hot dogs for the grill. Apparently there was a viral video about spiral-sliced hot dogs circulating during the summer. As usual, I’m not up to date on the latest and greatest in internet trends! But lucky for all of you, my husband is.

I finally got around to trying it out this weekend. They are super fun to make, and do give you more of that yummy grilled flavor thanks to the increased surface area. They also hold a lot of toppings thanks to the corkscrew shape. These would be fun to do for a kids party or even for adults.

This is how you to it:

Step 1: Insert a kabob skewer down the length of the hot dog.

spiral sliced hot dogs

Step 2: Starting a one end, begin cutting at an angle down to the skewer.

spiral sliced hot dogs

Step 3: Turn the hot dog and continue cutting in one continuous cut until the end. Remove skewer.


spiral sliced hot dogs

On the right, done with the skewer. I also sliced a few carefully by hand (on the left).

Step 4: Grill as usual!


spiral sliced hot dogs

A few got a little too crispy. Oops!

Step 5: Serve them up in buns and top with mustard, relish etc. and enjoy!

spiral sliced hot dogs


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