Mini Sweet Peppers

sweet peppers

Have you seen these cute little peppers at your store? I just love them. They are so colorful and sweet! I’ve used them in breakfast dishes like scrambles and Quiche cups. They added a nice pop of color to my grilled chicken kabobs too. They would also be great stuffed with some cheese and herbs and broiled as an appetizer!

I like that they have very few seeds and are easy to clean and chop up. Also, the fact that the come in a resealable bag means that they stay fresh longer.

This package is from SunWorld, and is USA produce. Be sure to check the package, I picked up a similar-looking package at Target and it was produce from Mexico. The quality was not as good. I don’t like buying produce from outside the US anyway, so I was mad at myself for not checking at the store.

This is not a sponsored post, I just really liked these cute little peppers and thought I would share!




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