What is Kohlrabi and How Do I Cook It?

Kohlrabi with leaves removed

Photo via Wikipedia

Paul brought home a kohlrabi the other day. I had heard of kohlrabi, but really didn’t know anything about it. He said it is related to cabbage and had a flavor like broccoli stems, only milder.

I had to do a little searching to find out how to cook it. Suggestions ranged from sliced raw with salt & pepper to chopped in casseroles. I decided to try a quick saute, along with carrots.

I was surprised by how mild the flavor was. It had a hint of broccoli/cabbage flavor but was very light and almost sweet.

So this is how I cooked it:

peeled kohlrabi

I peeled the kohlrabi and some carrots.


peeled and cut kohlrabi

After peeling I cut it into smaller pieces to grate.


grated kohlrabi

It grated easily by hand.

sauted kohlrabi and carrots

I sautéed the grated kohlrabi and carrots in a little butter and fresh garlic, then seasoned with salt & pepper.

cooked kohlrabi and carrots with grilled cheese sandwich

Here is the finished dish, along with a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner.


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