Melted Crayon Craft-Recycle Those Broken Crayons!

If you have preschoolers, then you are bound to have an endless supply of broken crayons. I knew that it was possible to melt down crayons and make new ones, so I did a little research online to see what the best method would be.

After peeling the wrappers and breaking them up I put the crayon bits into a muffin tin. Most sites suggested just melting them directly in the tin. Unfortunately, I don’t have an extra muffin tin to use for crafts. I decided to line mine with foil to keep the wax from getting all over the tin. I sorted them by color and filled the tin.


Broken Crayons


I put them on the middle rack of the oven set at about 200°. I checked them every 5 minutes until they were done. About 15 minutes total.

Melted crayons

The foil worked for most of the cups. I did have some leaks on two of the cups. I popped the tin in the freezer to make the wax release from the pan. I think next time it would be better to find a muffin tin at the dollar store to use!

And here are the finished crayon discs:

recycled crayons

These would be best suited to younger kids. The large flat shape is easy to hold, however it does not allow for precise coloring because of the odd shape. I’m going try some candy molds from the craft store the next time we do this, or a mini muffin pan. I also think doing some color combinations in each cup would be fun.


2 thoughts on “Melted Crayon Craft-Recycle Those Broken Crayons!

  1. Another thing you can do with the melted wax is batik. I remember it being one of my all time favorite projects in summer camp. We painted it on old pillow cases. Just don’t use ones that are worn out. LOL! Once the wax dries and flakes off, you have this beautiful design on fabric. It’s fun, easy, and you have something that lasts a long time. Loved it!


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