Quick Tip: Storing Bulk Hard Cheeses

I’m a big fan of bulk shopping at Costco. Even though we are only a family of four we go through a lot of groceries. We eat almost exclusively home-cooked food –three meals a day, every day. That adds up to a lot of cooking and groceries in a month!

One of the things I buy in bulk is hard cheeses. I usually buy Romano because it’s less expensive than Parmesan.  This wedge was about $9, compared to $15 for a similar sized wedge of Parmesan. I use it to top spaghetti, in lasagna and on home-made pizzas.

The large package may seem like a lot of cheese, and it is, but it will keep for a one to two months if stored properly.  This is how I do it:

I cut the large wedge into 5 smaller wedges. These are the size you would find in a regular grocery store.

Then wrap each wedge in tightly in plastic wrap.

Then place inside a zipper bag (with the date written on it)

I left the small piece out to use in making two lasagnas that night. Why make one lasagna when you can make two, right? One went into the freezer to be used next month.
Do you buy cheese in bulk? How do you store it? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Storing Bulk Hard Cheeses

    • Great! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I’ve also thrown a few in the freezer when I know I won’t be using them up quickly.


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