Pinterest In Action: Make Your Own Fire Starters

Here comes the first in a series of “Pinterest in Action” posts. Pinterest is full of great ideas, but all that pinning is for nothing if you don’t try some of the things you see.

My first project was fire starters.  Our new house has a beautiful big wood-burning fireplace, but it doesn’t have a gas starter. We’ve been using paper and kindling most of the time. I’ve also used fire-starter blocks (my mom bought for us, thanks mom!) from the hardware store and they worked well.  When I saw a DIY project for fire starters on Pinterest I thought I should give it a try! The original post with instructions comes from Root Simple here.


The things I used for this project are totally free – it actually used up things I would otherwise throw away: dryer lint, cardboard egg cartons, leftover candle wax (from burned out candles).

I started collecting the dryer lint a few weeks ago. There is never a shortage of that around here! I just keep a small plastic storage container in the laundry and keep filling it up.

I also purposely bought eggs in cardboard egg cartons rather than foam containers for a few weeks. We go through a lot of eggs, so that was easy too.

The tough part came in finding the left-over candle wax.  But one of my 3-wick candles had a blow out and there you go – a big lump of wax. I also collected the wax left after burning some votives. I also have some blocks of wax from the craft store (for candle making) but didn’t need those.

I also used empty glass jars (from spaghetti sauce), a large pot and some aluminum foil.


When I thought I had enough lint saved up I filled the egg cartons. I packed it in so the wells of the carton were full with lint.

Then I cut the wax up into smaller pieces and put it in a couple of empty glass jars.

I placed the jars of wax in a large pot filled with about 4 inches of water and set it on very low heat.

Once the wax was melted I carefully poured it into the wells so the lint could soak it up. After the wax had cooled I cut the carton apart using kitchen shears.



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