Forget Organic, Buy Produce from USA

This is my number one issue. Let’s put aside the organic versus conventional debate.  We can discuss that another day. Instead I want to draw your attention to a more important matter – where the food you eat comes from.

If you don’t already do so, start taking a look at the produce you buy in the store. Most items are labeled with the country of origin. The fresh fruits usually have it on their stickers and many times the vegetables in bins will have it noted on the description tag.  Frozen fruits and veggies will have it noted on the back of the package. Also check packaging for juices, canned fruits and vegetables. It’s usually there in small print at the bottom of the label.

If it doesn’t say USA think twice about purchasing it.  Other countries are not subject to the strict oversight of the USDA laws and regulations. Much of our produce is now being imported from China and Mexico. With mounting questions about the quality of food imported from China, I urge you to stop buying it. If we commit to purchasing produce grown in the United States, more of it will become available.

Take a look at this video highlighting the fact that Whole Foods Market, with an image of organic, fresh and locally grown foods has been importing much of its produce from China.




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