Recipe Review: The Barefoot Contessa, Linzer Cookies

I received The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook by Ina Garten for Christmas and spent the next day reading it almost cover to cover.  The photos are beautiful and the instructions are simple and clear.

I couldn’t wait to try some recipes, so I started with something simple that I could do while watching the kids.  Linzer cookies, as Ina calls them, are a type of shortbread cookie which is made of butter, sugar, flour and vanilla extract.  She actually has a few variations of the basic recipe in the book. We made the jam-filled sandwich cookies and they turned out wonderful.

I did have a little trouble getting the dough to come together in the beginning. After refrigerating for 30 minutes I tried rolling it out.  The dough was still too crumbly.  I added some additional vanilla extract for some moisture. After rolling out the remnants of the fist cutting again the dough finally reached a good consistency and didn’t give me any trouble as I rolled and cut several times.

The photo in the book shows beautiful round cookies with a fluted edge, with a center cut out, also fluted.  I SO need to get some biscuit cutters!  But luckily, I had a cute one-inch apple-shaped cutter.  It’s meant to be used to cut vents in an apple pie crust, but it worked perfectly for my cookies.  It worked out to a dozen large sandwich cookies. The recipe says 14-16 cookies and I could have made at least two more easily: I rolled the dough a little thick, and the kids wanted some “apple cookies” using the 1″ cutter.

They were a big hit with my husband and family so I will make them again!

Get the full recipe and instructions here: Barefoot Contessa Linzer Cookies.


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