Old Breakfast Standards

Yes, I’m talking about good, old-fashioned hot cereal – Oatmeal and Farina (ground wheat).  Since we’ve gone to all-scratch cooking I’ve been looking for something beyond eggs, scones and toast.  Something quick and easy. If you haven’t tried the old hot cereals in a while (or ever) it’s time to give them a chance.

They are very easy to make – just boil the water, add the grains and cook for the prescribed amount of time.  You can jazz them up with additions like brown sugar, maple syrup, dried fruits and nuts. If you don’t want something so sweet just eat them with a little butter stirred in (the way I like it).

Be sure to get the original kind, not the instant.  Old Fashioned oats only take 5 minutes to cook, and the Cream of Wheat only takes 2½ minutes. Really, you have the time.  Serve the hot cereals right away, as they will get sticky and lumpy if allowed to cool completely.



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