Yummy Jamba Smoothie Popsicles

So I told you about how much Sean likes Jake and The Neverland Pirates and wants to have “mango smoothies” because that’s what the kids have in one episode.  I could make my own smoothies, but it’s quicker and more reliable for me to use the Jamba smoothie mix. I bought a big ‘ol bag of it at Costco so we have plenty on hand.

This afternoon I decided that the freezer was looking a little low on tasty treats.  While Audrey was napping, Sean and I fired up the blender and made a batch of “Strawberries Wild” smoothie.  We carefully filled and molds and waited four hours for them to freeze.

Here’s a few photos of the popsicle making because photos make blogs more fun!

Yes, I know I have a super old Oster blender, but it still works! Sean is very neatly lining up and counting the pop sticks in the background.

Mixed up the smoothie (one bag) according to package directions.

These molds have some nifty holes that help keep the frozen treat on the stick.

Filled up and ready to go.

Four hours of chillin'. To the right is the bag of frozen Olallieberries from our u-pick day.

Audrey's holding the finished product. I didn't run one under the water long enough before trying to take it out of the mold. Oops.


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