Three Kitchen Gadgets Every Mom Needs

Maybe you’re a kitchen gadget person.  Someone who gets drawn into infomercials and actually considers buying some newfangled kitchen gadget. Or maybe you’re more like me. I try to avoid adding more tools to my kitchen clutter. I have a limited amount of space so I only have the essentials. There are many gadgets that are unnecessary  – garlic clove peeler, anyone?  I say whack it with the side of your chef’s knife and get on with it.  I do however, feel that some kitchen tools which might be considered “gadgets” are actually extremely useful to moms.  Here are my picks:

  1. Pizza Wheel.  At first glance, a pizza wheel(pizza cutter) is an unlikely choice.

    Who has time to make their own pizza these days?  I use mine not for pizza, but for cutting up all other manner of foods for my kids.  Toddlers and preschoolers need small bites.  A pizza cutter is perfect for quickly slicing up pancakes, quesadillas, nuggets, really any food that’s not too tough.  It saves a lot of time in getting food to the table while it’s still hot.

  2. Apple Wedger.  My kids like apples.  Most kids do.  Make slicing and coreing

    apples easier with a apple wedge cutter.  It makes quick work of all but the largest apples.  Be sure to get a sturdy one – I broke the first one I had.  I now have the one from Pampered Chef and it works great!  I think sturdy all-metal construction is a must. Also works on pears as long as they are not over-ripe.

  3. Off-set spatula.  That’s the fancy name for a frosting spatula. I love the small offset spatulabecause you can quickly and skillfully frost the gazillion cupcakes

    that you will need to bring for the next fundraiser or class event.  You can use it to lift sugar cookies or pie dough that gets stuck to your work surface. They also work well for leveling dry ingredients like flour, and could be used to spread peanut butter or Nutella on bread if all your knives are in the dishwasher.  Yes, that happens to me too!


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