Coupon Binder Project

Here are some photos of the coupon binder I made.  You can find pre-made coupon binders online, but I think it’s cheaper to make your own.  You can also customize it for the number of categories you want.

I had a 3-ring binder laying around so I didn’t need to buy that.  I purchased sets of 8-tab dividers from Target.  I tried to find the 9-per-page baseball card holders locally at Target, Michael’s and WalMart.  I couldn’t think of any other place to check –and I couldn’t drag the kids into another store anyway.  So when we got home I ordered them on Amazon.  I have an Amazon Prime account ($79 per year) so most things I order come with 2-day free shipping.  If you order from Amazon on a regular basis or even just during the holidays, you can save a lot.

I went to the Krazy Coupon Lady site to get her suggested 36 coupon categories.  I had 32 tabs (4 packs of 8-tab) so I changed/combined some of the categories to fit my needs.  Then I took the clipped coupons I had and arranged them in my binder.  And here is the finished product. 

My next step is to consistently get copies of the paper each weekend so I can take advantage of good prices when they come up.  I know this sounds like a lot of work, but since I’m home with the kids saving us money is my new job.  And believe me, we spend a lot on groceries right now, so it’s a great target to try to cut our spending.


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